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Candace Picco

MS Graduate, 2005- Marine Biology

Candace's research investigated the effects of climate change on the spatial and temporal patterns of the spring sea ice concentration in the Bering Sea from 1972-2000 in relation to changes in the reproductive success of the spotted seal (Phoca largha). Multinomial time-series regressions were used to determine the influence of different climatic variables on the sea ice concentration. Generalized Estimating Equations were used to compare the ice conditions of defined regions in the Bering Sea and the reproductive success of the spotted seal for 20 years from 1964-2003. The results showed no definitive patterns relating the monthly climatic variables and sea ice concentration averages; however, noticeable trends in sea ice included evidence of an earlier and more variable spring, an overall decrease in ice concentration since 1986/1987, and a more rapid response of sea ice to “regime shifts”.