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Henry Kozachkov

ARSC intern, 2005

The overriding direction of the project was to further the understanding of the microstructure of sea ice and the morphology of brine inclusions. Working with the help and mentorship of graduate researcher Jeremy Miner, under the oversight of Associate Professor of Geophysics Dr. Hajo Eicken, I implemented various image processing tools and algorithms designed to segment and visualize tomography scans of salt water ice. Specifically, starting with unreconstructed tomography data, we reconstructed, enhanced, segmented, and visualized the data sets using a variety of pre-made and custom-made programs. Primarily using the IDL programming language, we combined spatial and frequency domain filtering with thresholding to extract useful information from fairly noisy and dynamically compressed images. The resulting data are useful both quantitatively and from an educational perspective in the understanding of sea ice response to climate change.