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Jeremy Harbeck

MS Student in Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics

Geophysical Institute
PO Box 750967
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320

WRRB 104.4

I received my BS in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington in 2005. After graduation I participated on the HOTRAX cruise across the Arctic Ocean before moving to Alaska.

Working with my advisor, Hajo Eicken, my thesis aims to create a more current and comprehensive climatology of snow depth on sea ice throughout the Arctic Ocean. My work combines the previous analysis done on the Soviet North Pole drifting stations with other monitoring expeditions, icebreaker cruises and coastal stations. This climatology is part of a broader synthesis that aims to better understand and quantify solar partitioning in the Arctic.

At UAF I am also co-chair of the Young Researcher's Network, a group of primarily graduate students and post-doctorate fellows, who are intersted in connecting young researchers with outreach and educational opportunities associated with the International Polar Year, as well as with each other. I also work with others in the UAF sea ice group to maintain a coastal radar in Barrow, AK. The radar is part of a larger coastal observatory, aimed at better understanding the fast ice off the northern coast of Alaska.