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Wales Sea Ice Radar

The image to the right is produced by a 10 kW X-band marine radar mounted atop the Kingikmiut School in Wales, Alaska. The radar has recently been installed and technical modifications are underway to produce an image of similar quality to that in Barrow. Currently the image is orientated with Southeast as up and will be updated as often as possible.

The radar is located in the center of the image. The large return on the eastern and southern (top left and top right) sides of the radar are due to topography. Sea ice can be seen to the west and north of the radar, with returns due to reflections from ridges and rubble on the ice surface.

Images are archived every 5 minutes to monitor processes that shape the landfast ice and last only a few hours. The animation below shows recent activity. Sometimes, drifting sea ice (pack ice) can be seen moving past the coast while the landfast ice remains stationary close to shore.

1-Day Animation
3-Day Animation