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Utqiaġvik (Barrow) Sea Ice Webcam

Operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks
with generous support from
the Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative
and the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

Utqiaġvik Webcam

This image has been recorded by a web cam overlooking the landfast ice (or coastal ocean during the ice-free period in summer) from atop the bank building in downtown Barrow, Alaska. The camera is located at 71° 17′ 33″ N, 156° 47′ 18″ approximately 20m above sea level and looks approximately Northward.

Apart from providing a visual impression of the sea-ice conditions off Barrow, these images establish a longer-term record of key dates in the seasonal evolution of the sea-ice cover, such as: onset of fall ice formation, formation of a stable ice cover, onset of spring melt, appearance of melt ponds, beginning of ice break-up in early summer, removal or advection of sea ice during the summer months.

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Archived data

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Images are archived every 5 minutes and movies are compiled every 3 days.

The radar is back online but the archive may take some time to catchup.

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