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GFS Weather Forecast by Email

example GFS weather forecast
Example forecast

Global Forecast System (GFS) Weather Forecast

We are currently offering textual 3-day GFS weather forecastsby email. This experimental service relays GFS output obtained from the NCEP ftp server. The GFS domain covers the entire globe and may be useful to ships and research cruises on icebreakers in the Arctic Ocean with limited internet connectivity. Accuracy inland may be limited due to low-resolution topography.

To receive the latest forecast, send an email
To: forecast-request at gi dot alaska dot edu
and message body
gfs-location: <latitude>, <longitude>
where latitude and longitude need to be given in decimal degrees. For example, to receive a forecast for Barrow, Alaska type:
gfs-location: 71N, 157W

The forecast will be sent typically within 2 minutes. The spatial resolution of the output is 1 degree (approx. 100 km), and the forecast is updated every 6 hours. Additional metadata are provided in the email.

Contact: Chris Petrich (