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About the Book

Field Techniques for Sea Ice Research

ISBN-10: 1602230595

"Field Techniques for Sea Ice Research" Edited by Hajo Eicken , Rolf Gradinger, Maya Salganek, Kunio Shirasawa, Don Perovich, and Matti Leppäranta. Published by the University of Alaska Press 2009.
This system-services approach to sea ice research aims to provide an overview of methods currently employed on the sea ice by a wide variety of stakeholders in an attempt to ascertain a multi-disciplinary approach to sea ice policy in the future.

You can download the text of the introductory chapter to the book with information about its content here.
SampleIntroduction.pdf (PDF file: 198.1 KB)

Table of Contents

Foreword: Encounters with Northern Sea Ice
1. Introduction
2. Sea-Ice System Services Framework: Development and Application
3. Research Techniques

  • 3.1 Field Techniques for Snow Observations on Sea Ice
  • 3.2 Ice Thickness and Roughness Measurements
  • 3.3 Ice Sampling and Basic Sea-Ice Core Analysis
  • 3.4 Thermal, Electrical, and Hydraulic Properties of Sea Ice
  • 3.5 Ice Strength – In Situ Measurement
  • 3.6 Sea Ice Optics Measurements
  • 3.7 Measurements and Modeling of the Ice – Ocean Interaction
  • 3.8 Biogeochemical Properties of Sea Ice
  • 3.9 Assessment of the Abundance and Diversity of Sea-Ice Biota
  • 3.10 Studying Seals in their Sea Ice Habitat: Application of Traditional and Scientific Methods
  • 3.11 Community-Based Observation Programs and Indigenous and Local Sea-Ice Knowledge
  • 3.12 Ship-Based Ice Observation Programs
  • 3.13 Automatic Measurement Stations
  • 3.14 Data Management in Sea-Ice Research
  • 3.15 Principal Uses of Remote Sensing in Sea-Ice Field Research
  • 3.16 The Use of Models in the Design and Interpretation of Field Measurements
  • 3.17 Integrated Sea-Ice Observation Programs
  • 3.18 Personal Field Logistics

4. Conclusions
List of tables, illustrations and multi-media DVD content

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