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Barrow Sea Ice Mass Balance Site 2006

The data here came from a site on first-year landfast sea ice at 71° 22' 25.36" N, 156° 32' 30.91" W, offshore of Niksiuraq - the hook at the end of the road to Point Barrow. The site used a FreeWave spread spectrum radio to transmit data to the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium (BASC) for forwarding to the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) data management team at the Institute of Marine Science at UAF.

The following measurements were recorded: (i) snow and ice thickness and local sea level; (ii) temperature profile through air-snow-ice-water; (iii) air temperature and relative humidity at 2m above the ice; (iv) developmental sea ice salinity measurements with dielectric probes.

Sketch of mass balance site measurements

Data from entire season: January - June 2006

The figures below are similar to those above, but show data for the entire season. For best resolution, click on the figure and it will open at full resolution. To save, right click and choose 'Save image as'.

Data sets or details of measurements are available by contacting Daniel Pringle