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Data Center

This portal provides access to data collected in previous years and to this year’s data as processed. Most of the data available here is from our two main Alaska research sites at Barrow (along the Chukchi Sea, near where it meets the Beaufort Sea) and Wales (along the Bering Strait). See the Ice Observatories for more information on the research being conducted at these two locations. Data is also available for the MMS Leads Project, which examined the distribution of recurring lead systems and coastal polynyas off the coast of northern Alaska, and the McMurdo Sound project, which measured thermal conductivity and heat flow through first-year sea ice. Please refer to the metadata file of the individual data sets for details on data acquisition and processing, including citation information.

In general, the following types of data are available:

Aerial Surveys - Ice thickness profiles from helicopter surveys, geo-located images and ice floe sampling data
Coastal webcams - Images and animations from coastal webcams that locally monitor key events in the ice-year
Coastal Radars - Images and animations from x-band marine radar that monitor local-scale ice dynamics
Mass Balance Data - Air/snow/ice/water temperatures, snow depth, ice thickness, and water depth
Ice Core Data - Temperature, salinity, stable isotopes, etc.
Ice Thickness Profiles - Sea ice thickness profiles from EM31 transects and drilling